About TwoForty4

Welcome to TwoForty4!
Twoforty4's namesake came from none other than the county road that my husband grew up on & that we now live on together. I married my cowboy in 2016 and opened a salon in downtown Mexia, Texas - all while knowing I wanted to add a boutique at some point. Little did I know the opportunity would arise just months after having opened my salon. I had our son in June (just 1 short year after we were married) and in November I opened the doors to my very own store. This has been one amazing journey and I have learned so much about myself while also learning the business. My daughter tells me that she wants to take over TwoForty4 one day and to say that makes me beam with pride is an extreme under statement. We carry a little bit of everything but I love to mix styles to create a new one - one of your own. I was never the most fashionable or on trend gal growing up so even I have taken a huge leap out of my comfort zone to pursue this dream. I strive to make each gal who comes in feel at home not only while shopping but in what they are wearing as well. Giving is a trait I learned from my mother - she was always deemed the best gift giver & I can honestly say that even the littlest gifts she gave always made me feel so good. When I opened the shop I knew that I wanted to include a gift variety to make quick and thoughtful gifts easier on everyone. We carry everything from small to big and expensive to inexpensive & for men and women. I love seeing how much people enjoy having this in town and I truly enjoy being able to provide it for them - and you too! Home decor has always been a star for me because I love to rearrange and refresh and I especially love a good flea market find! So, I knew that had to make a show in the store as well - and man is it ever so hard for me not to leave with one of everything at the end of the day haha (my husband would die) All in all I jumped into a dream that I had always let linger in the back of my mind and I could not be more grateful that I did. With a lot of prayer, the support of my husband and this community TwoForty4 has been hands down one of the most joyful things I have ever done in my life (like in the top 5). I am over the moon to be able to share this part on my life with you all. Please never hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns - I would be more than happy to chat with you! -Tabitha