Cactus Rose Denim Co.

Hey guys! This is Mo! Owner and creative mind behind Cactus Rose Co. Each pair of cut offs is hand cut and distressed by me. No two will ever be alike.

For sizing, measure the small of your waist all the way around starting at your belly button! Use that measurement to know what pair will work best for you!

You can also take a pair of high waisted shorts or pants that fit comfortably, lay them flat, and measure straight across the waist band. Take that number and multiply by 2!

Wash as you would any other denim in your collection. Keep in mind the more you wash them, the more they will distress!

When purchasing traditional cowboy cut Wranglers with the leather patch, I always recommend sizing up at least an inch because they run very slim!

REMEMBER when shopping vintage denim, its always safe to size up but NEVER safe to size down!!





Cactus Rose Company