Pt. 3- Girl's Night Out

This week- GNO!! Because, don't we all just need a little time with our gal pals every once in a while?! There's nothing wrong with going to get a bite to eat (or a couple beers... and by a couple, I mean like 12!) 

While you and your friend group obviously have to have something in common to be able to handle each other, each of you have your different quirks! The One Thats Always Hungry, The Drama Queen, The Innocent One, The One Thats Up To No Good, The Tiny Dangerous One (I think all my friends would agree that this is me... muah haha), The Cutie Pie, The Goodie Two Shoes, The One That Always Swears, The Shy One... And you're too young to be going on a Girl's Night Out if you don't know what I'm talking about!!!!!

So here are some different outfits for every type of sista in your GIRL GANG!


The Stylish One

Our little fashionista- this girl is the one who never fails to show up dressed to the nines! You would never expect anything less from her, often come to her for the latest fashion advice, and occasionally steal some threads out of her closet to spruce up an outfit of your own! 

This one right here, like I said before, she always has it going on! Rarely will you catch her stepping out of the house without having it goin' onnnn! The items I have picked for our stylish friends are sure to turn some heads! 

1. {{Venetian Jumpsuit}} S-L $64.37

2. {{Dolly Dress}} XS-L $96.00

3. {{Viva Las Vegas Set}} S-L $93.50

4. {{Madame T Dress}} S-L $61.57


The Flirt

This chicka is all about finding her a man to wrap around her finger... or maybe a couple! She knows how to accentuate her curves and isn't afraid to let them show! Sometimes you might have to put her in her place or run off a nasty boy, but goodness could you honestly blame 'em? You gotta HOT FRIEND!!


 The Flirt will wear anything to get some attention and she sure isn't afraid to make that happen! With these two dresses, she will be doing just that!! Both have a plunging neckline that is perfect for showing a little more skin while also staying classy! The first one, a Buddy Love piece, that is so spunky and fun! Our {{Alicia Dress}} comes in a XS-L and runs at $84.00 The second piece is a classic bright royal blue body con dress that features the same deep neckline and pouf sleeves that give it such an eclectic 90's feel! The {{Allison Dress}} comes in a S-L and will be $52.00


The One That's Up To No Good

Doesn't every group have a couple of these though?? This friend is the one that isn't afraid to raise a little hell! & usually ends up getting everyone in trouble at least once. But hey, bad choices make good stories... right? This friend is always down for a good time!


This sister always has to make sure that her outfit is ready for whatever shenanigans she decides to get herself in! You can't ever go wrong with some denim, a good graphic tee, and a wild rag (because it does, in fact, explain your personality perfectly!) You can also accessorize with some sterling silver and turquoise to add the perfect finishing touch!

1. {{Mini Wild Rags}} (Green Paisley pictured) $22.00

2. {{Bad Choices Tee}} S-2XL $38.00

3. {{Blaze Flares}} 3/25-15/31 $62.01


The Cutie Pie

This little lady is the one that always has the perfect touch of adorable and cute! She is always well put together, with her clothes and life in general! She is the epitome of classy and fun, beautiful and sweet! 


The {{Larson Duster}} S-L $92.00 that can also be worn as a maxi dress, is so perfect for The Cutie Pie! Versatility and comfort is key and this item encompasses all of that! Paired with some @filthyhippieco {{Pom Earrings}} and our {{Wild Thang Belt}} in the hair on hide cheetah print, this whole outfit makes a statement while also staying classy and simply beautiful!


The Innocent One

If there's one person in the group that isn't about the rowdy life, it's this one! Quite honestly, you're not sure how she got tied up with all you crazy women but everyone still loves her the same! She usually ends up rounding everyone up because it's time to go home and buys you Whatabuger (wait, maybe that's why you love her so much!) She's the perfect mama of the group and presents herself accordingly! 


 While still beautiful, stylish, and fun, this one just has a different appearance about her. She is structured and mature and demands to be looked at as so. The {{Westgate Dress}} is the perfect addition to The Innocent One's closet! Although she may have been a little rowdy in earlier days, she is now sophisticated, polished, and refined. This dress comes in a S-L and runs at $52.31


The Tower

There's always that one friend in the group with BEAUTIFUL LONG LEGS!! (Curse all of you...) They strut their stuff and look dang good doing it! There's not very many outfits that don't look AWESOME with some long, dark, muscular legs... Gah, I'm just getting more jealous typing this! 

These items are perfect for The Tower because they accentuate the best parts of their body! The {{Luxor Jacket}} is a Buddy Love bomber jacket that will lengthen those long, irresistible legs. The {{Gold Strike}} and {{Salem Bodysuit}} show off other curves that you have too! Then for the bottom half- You can either choose to show off them legs with the {{Aria Mini}} that features neon snake print and a deep v cut or go a little more subtle with the {{Barcelona Bells}} that will slim those thighs and give you a more retro feel! 

1. {{Luxor Jacket}} S-L $103.66

2. {{Gold Strike Bodysuit}} S-L $42.98

3. {{Salem Bodysuit}} S-L

4. {{Aria Mini}} S-L 

5. {{Barcelona Bells}} S-L


The Shy One

Lemme just tell y'all about this one! This one is secretly the life of the party but doesn't like the let the weirdo in her shine like the rest of them! She is beautiful and subtle, something the guys actually find attractive. She is always leaving them wondering and wanting more. You may think she's the quite, innocent little angel BUT once she opens up, she's a wild fire waiting to happen!


 This lady is all about conservative! She loves cute but also like to feel comfortable in her own skin. Not drawing too much attention, she makes sure to play it safe whenever picking out her outfits! The PERFECT items to include in an outfit for her would include the {{Roberts Duster}} or the {{Lois Blazer}} with a graphic tee or neutral colored bodysuit underneath. The {{Pauly Sweater}} would be great for those colder nights and still add al little flair of cuteness. The KanCan {{Blaze Flares}} or {{Ryder Boyfriend Jeans}} are the most comfortable denim you could ever put on that tooshie and, such a plus, make it look irresistible too!! (Can you really best a double whammy like that?!)


The Drama Queen

In honor of all the QUEENS out there, this one is designated to y'all! You know you all have that friend who is just a spitfire!! She is sassy, hot as fire, always lookin' poppin' and she dang well knows it too! You also can't forget that she never lets you out of the house without feelin' mighty boosted! She is the upmost hype man, for herself and the rest of her girls! The Drama Queen is not a mama to mess with!

Some of our favorite QUEEN SIZE items here at TwoForty4 right now include the {{Chareston Cardi}}, the {{Cosmo Cami}}, the {{Fran Blazer}}, the {{Hoover Skirt}}, and the {{Stratosphere Skirt}}

All of these, along with select graphic tees that would pair SO FREAKIN' GOOD together, go up to 3XL. They feature figure flattering patterns and shapes to make you curves look oh sooo sweet! All of these items are sure to make you feel like a million bucks and you won't have a problem strutting your stuff! 


I hope that you have enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it!! Doing these blogs the past couple of weeks has channeled a whole new fashionista that I didn't even know existed within myself!! TwoForty4 offers so many different items for people of all different sizes, shapes, colors, personalities, and vibes! Leave us some comments below to let us know what you think about this week's blog and get ready for next week- FRIENDSGIVING!! See y'all then! 

By: Katie Looney-Hammans @klooney_22

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    I loved this! Look forward to many more, but with that being said, I’m absolutely the “up to no good friend” with a kick of fashunnn! Now I’m going to buy that wild rag… Thanks! Lol

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