Pt. 2- Halloween Office Party

This week- Halloween Office Party! This is such a fun occasion, if your employer is open do one well, don't quit your job okay? We're all just going to live vicariously through you! (I say this like I don't have the best job ever lolol Love ya, Tabs!)

Halloween festivities at the workplace can be kind of tricky! You want to be celebratory but also try not to distract and scary away customers with your blood and guts! Creative, Safe For Work (SWF), and also Halloween Happy Hour readayyy! **Cues Dracula voice** "I want to drink ya margaritas!"

  • Big cape, black lipstick, fake teeth, and a lot of black!
  • This is pretty safe way to go as far as costumes go
  • Be sure to leave out all of the gore and blood... Don't think your associates would appreciate blood dripping on Thursday's tentative meeting schedule. 


{{High Roller Skirt}} S-L $45.40

{{Lois Blazer}} S-L $61.70

{{Kalyn Blouse}} S-L $78.47


  • All black, combat boots, and some ears!
  • Think tame but fierce (but maybe leave the whip at home)

Purrrfect Black Cat

  • Throw on a tail
  • Add some ears and whiskers
  • Maybe even a little winged eye-liner
  • BOOM!!!


Halloween makeup and cat costume attire is from Walmart. This entire outfit is all from you FAV PLACE EVER, TwoForty4!

{{Fran Blazer}} XL-3XL $40.38

{{Casino Trousers}} S-L $56.00

{{Cove Tee}} which is on SALE for $19.53

I love this outfit because you can wear it for Halloween, but it is also just a fun outfit to wear for any day of the week! Little funky and fun for those spunky ladies!


  • Black and white stripes?
  • Paint your face white and wear one of those funny hats?
  • AND you don't have to verbally speak to a soul all day... wow someone sign me up
The {{Posh Tee}} would be such a good addition for your Mime costume! Pair with some black slacks, your everyday work shoes, a classic beret, and paint your face white with some cool black designs in the eye! Oh, and don't forget that red lipstick for a little feminine pop! This top comes S-L and is priced at $42.30!


    • Come on, who doesn't love the Minions?!?!
    • Channel your inner DIY queen and get creative!
    • Make some awesome glasses out of cardboard, throw on some overalls, a yellow shirt, and combat boots!
    • And it's always a plus when you get to carry around a banana at work!

    Pink Lady

    • If you didn't grow up wanting to be a pink lady, what planet were you on??
    • Light baby pink, canary yellow, even black tights with high white mules and higher hair
    • Cat-eye sunglasses
    • Lots of hairspray... don't you forget that shiz
    • This is the era I WISH I could have grown up in!


    • This costume (my personal fav) has so much potential! 
    • A floppy hat, little of paint for your face, plaid shirt, and some Heritage Lacer Boots. 

    For the scarecrow, I used costume makeup from Walmart and looked up a how-to on Pinterest! I wore the Charlie One Horse {{Hustin' Hat}} that comes in a Large for $146.40


    • For the more comical ones in the group, this is perfect!
    • With this outfit, you can go all out from head to toe or even stick to just the face! So much room to add in your own creativity and flair! 
    • Curl your hair up or wear a colorful wig, paint that face up, and find you a big red nose and an even bigger bowtie!


    For this costume, I put my hair up in some cute messy space buns, put on some Westgate Dress from TwoForty4, and costume makeup and spiderweb tights from the WALZZZZ-MARTS!

    {{Westgate Dress}} S-L $53.21

    Pretty Zombie

    • This is the perfect feminine twist on a typical Halloween costume
    • The bigger hair, the closer to...Frankenstein, whatttt?
    • Get those falsies and lip liner ready because you're out for blood!

    For this costume, I put on the {{Madame T Dress}} from TwoForty4, a pair of @filthyhippieco earrings, and a pair of tights from Walmart! The Madame T Dress runs S-L and is $61.57

    Pop Art Costume
    • This is the perfect costume to just add to your every day business attire.
    • Super funky, retro, and even gives you the opportunity to bring out your love for comics to your coworkers!
    • You're sure to stand out with this costume at the office! 
    Very simple yet makes a statement and brings all the attention! Do your normal makeup, maybe a little more dramatic than normal office days, follow the lines of your body with black, add white dots EVERYWHERE, and you're good to go!! Oh, and don't forget that bright red lipstick! 
    Having the opportunity to go to your office Halloween party lets you express yourself in a place that is normally uniform and set in structure. Take this time to really tap into your creative self and find something that truly represents you and the things you love!
    By: Katie Looney-Hammans @klooney_22

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