Pt. 1- Fall Family Photos

Here is your HOLIDAY STYLE GUIDE for all things festive! How to style your fav pieces, pairing outfits together with your date and/or family, and where to get some of these awesome steals! This weekly blog is made to help aid in the inevitable "WHAT IN THE HECK AM I GOING TO WEAR TO _____?!" that happens every season! 

This week- fall pictures with your fam bam! These are some of the best tips I have found to plan the most perfect outfit assortments. Beautiful, timeless pictures that will be shared and loved for many years to come is the goal. We're here to help you with that!

Always plan in advance! The more time you have to decide what you would like for everyone to wear, the better options you will find and even brainstorm up!

Start with one piece and build

  • Find one piece of clothing that you LOVE and go from there 
  • Doing this can help with coordinating outfits and getting a visual for what everything will look like together and next to one another
  • Setting clothes out beside one another on an open floor can help you get the right insight for what you are looking for and even spark some creativity for what you could add to it 

Photos 1, 2, & 4 taken by Willie + Rose Photography


Photos 3 & 5 taken by Denim & Velvet

Instagram- @denimandvelvet

All of these items are perfect to start working around when trying to decide colors, patterns, and textures! The Fran Blazer has pattern. The Fremont Jacket, Maggie Trousers, and Madame T Dress have texture. 

1. Buddy Love Fremont Jacket S-L $108.06

2. Casino Trousers S-L $56

3. Maggie Trousers S-L $56.71

4. Madame T Dress S-L $61.57

5. QUEEN SIZE Fran Blazer XL-3XL $40.38

Coordinating colors, not matching

  • Colors do not have to match perfectly, but should coincide and compliment one another!
  • Allow each person's personality to shine through their outfits!
  • Pick a couple of colors that would go together and choose clothes for each person that will fit within that scheme 
  • Always remember to go for something that will be classic and timeless (because we all know those pictures mama pulls out from them awkward teen years... totally cringe worthy)

    All of these examples show the coordinating colors beside each picture! As you can see, they are all making use of patterns, textures, and harmonizing but not perfectly matching! Each of these pictures also shows the family interacting naturally- this is usually an easier task for younger families and children because they are not being forced to sit in one place for too long.

    Textures are your friend!

    • Adding textures can do more to your image and shape than you think!
    • Texture has the ability to add depth and interest into your photos which is intriguing to the eye
    • Waffle knit sweaters, scarves, a fur coat, ruffles for baby sister or vests for the guys- these are all perfect for adding dimension
    • Be sure to avoid too much so the photos do not look congested

    Photos taken by Willie + Rose Photography


    Here is a perfect dress with texture from TwoForty4! This is the {{Westgate Dress}}, part of our NFR collection just speaks classy... yet also fun and funky! The ruffle sleeves add the texture while the sweater material is classy and conservative. Throw on a statement turquoise necklace or layer pearls and you're golden! This could also be worn with heels or booties some funky printed pantyhose! So versatile and can be worn to many different places as well! Comes in S-L and is priced at $52.31

    Limit your use of patterns

    • Having an outfit in the mix that is colorful or has a pattern adds a fun twist
    • Take this opportunity to have only one person take in all the colorful or fun patterns that will bring together and coordinate everyone
    • You do not want everyone in the photo to have patterns because it will distract from the overall picture and image you're wanting to achieve
    • That dress with stripes AND dots? Yeah, it should probably stay chillin' in your closet for this occasion!
    • Also, say NO NO NO to characters or animations. Instead, try having a funny/silly/crazy photo opportunity that will have the kids laughing!

    Don't forget about accessories!

    • Necklaces and earring for the gals
    • Bowties for the dudes
    • Hats, scarves, coats
    • The most important thing about family photos is to capture who each of you are! Making something your own while also having fun and coordinating with your loved ones let's everyone see the full picture- different and the same all at once
    • Accessories are fun! But try to avoid being TOO seasonal with things such as Santa hats, reindeer ears, and Halloween costumes. In doing this, you can keep your photos out to share longer than just one specific holiday.

      Here are some accessories here at TwoForty4! All Sterling Silver and Genuine Turquoise! Can you say HOLY San Martino?! @sanmartinojewelryco

      1. San Martino Studs A-E $92

      2. Lennon Hoops A-E $158

      3. Stamped Aria Cuff A-E $110

      4. Stella Rosa Hoops A-E $193

      5. Sedona Slabs $165

      6. Denver Ring $66

      Keep location in mind and consider your background

      • Where are you taking pictures is a big deal! Make sure you know where you are going so you can plan accordingly.
      • Black backdrop? Probably shouldn't wear that black maxi! (Yo, we gotta floating head in here... wow, I'm so lame.)
      • Talk with your photographer about where your session will take place. Ask for additional photos to reference.
      • Keep the location in mind, fall in particular to this blog! Greens, oranges, deep reds, yellows, and even pops of turquoise are all perfect for this time of year! 
      • Also- SIDE NOTE! When planning what day you are wanting to take pictures, look at the weather around the location and time! Make sure it will not be too windy, cloudy, or (Heaven forbid) RAINING..... I mean, unless you're into that sorta thing.)

      Here are all different families in completely different outfit configurations! BUT their colors schemes are similar- red/maroon, yellow, olive, and denim. Within these outfits, there is texture within mom's fringe boots and big sister's dress. There are also patterns within other big sister's dress under her mustard cardigan. The bottom picture shows mom's textured dress and little brother's floral printed shirt. As you can see too, even little brother's cardigan and shoes are not the same mustard yellow! This adds even more dimension to the photo as a whole. These photos show the whole family interacting, having fun, and LOVING one another! Sometimes posed photos are visibly uncomfortable! (Tell dad to drink a beer, sheesh.) Remember to enjoy yourself and HAVE FUN. These photos will last a lifetime! 

      & last but definitely not least- Take a look at your home decor! Okay so stay with me here- because the first time someone told me this, I was like "I AM NOT TAKING PICTURES IN MY HOUSE!!" But if you take a look at your style, your vibe, the colors in your home, what do you see? More neutrals or are you a brighter person? Minimalistic or busier? Where would you want these pictures to be placed in your house in the future? What kind of colors that would go good with those places in your home? This will help you take a step back and look at your own person self, style, and what you like the most!

      This past weekend, I got my little family together to take our fall family pictures! I wasn't quite sure what to wear and, against my orders in this blog, I definitely did not plan ahead! (But if you really know me, would you expect any different..?) 

      These two items were my building pieces- the vintage yellow couch I knew that would be in the pictures and my new turquoise lariat from @nizhonitradersllc. (I know you're drooling, stop it!)

      I did not really want to go buy anything new so I found this black pouf sleeved bodysuit from @lil_bees_bohemian in my closet! As you'll see in the finished product, I also decided to throw my new @warbonnet_hat_works lid in a couple of photos too!

      So here are progress pics- as you can see, I have laid out different clothes together to help try and get a visual for what we would look like beside one another! I LOVED the floral romper but knew it was a little to "springy" for fall pictures so decided to put Blayne in the turquoise lace romper (this is added texture along with the pouf of my sleeves!)

      After realizing that I wanted Koop in a maroon 1/2 button down thermal, starched jeans, and boots, his outfit was ready to go and I could finish us gals! He was also going to wear his sports coat too and since his shirt was maroon, I put on my custom @mudlowery earrings that have red coral in them to tie those two together! I put Blayne in a striped bell overall suit with turquoise converse (more of a bight turquoise than her shirt) and a mustard bow (also a different yellow than the couch) to bring her together with my outfit and the couch! Her entire outfit was from @baileysblossoms and her bow was from @littlelopers! I decided for myself to go with some wide leg trouser denim pants (an OG from @shoptwoforty4) and black converse, just a little hint of casual and funky- ya know, just my style! 


      You can find more work by this AMAZING photographer on

      Facebook- Photographer: Jacquelyn-Paige

      Instagram- @jpgibson88

      or email her at for more inquiries! 

      Just remember, there are no wrongs (well, may be a couple...) But uhh, I guess what I'm trying to say is that there are no limits! You have the ability to bring whatever you want to life and create something so fun, different, and out of the box! Just because you have never seen it before doesn't mean it cannot be done! Have fun and let each person show their own little spunk that makes up your awesome little family! 

      I hope that you have enjoyed this blog! Please feel free to leave any comments! See you next week for Holiday Style Guide- Halloween Office Party edition!! 

      By: Katie Looney-Hammans @klooney_22


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